Fun, friendly and effective group and personal training.


Bodsquad Fitness offers group training, personal training and health coaching services in Hampton .

Whether your goal is to increase fitness, become stronger, lose weight or to just gain body confidence and feel amazing, Bodsquad Fitness will work with you to help you achieve your goal. Our group classes are friendly, motivating and effective and will have you looking forward to your next workout. All our sessions are run by a qualified personal trainer who will inspire, motivate and educate you to be the fittest, healthiest version of you.



A 45 minute group class designed to strengthen and tone muscles using barbells, dumbbells and resistance bands.



Metafit is designed to work your whole body using big muscle groups combined with high intensity interval training or HIIT.



Boxing fitness training combines resistance and cardio exercises with boxing technique and pad work combinations with a partner.



This session is a combination of strength and cardio using various equipment. Expect to work hard and burn huge calories in this class!

Meet your trainer


Naomi Miller


I started Bodsquad Fitness in 2010 after graduating as a personal trainer in 2007. As a mother to 3 children,I saw a need for mums to be able to train with their kids in tow as well as socialise with other mums in the area.
8 years later Bodsquad fitness continues to be a place where people come to train with other like minded people in a supportive and friendly environment.
My mission for Bodsquad Fitness has always been to provide varied workouts that are never boring and that make exercising enjoyable and not a chore.

"Naomi is an amazing trainer who is dedicated to her job and consistently motivates me to do my best. If you are looking for something new or a place where you can exercise and have your kids with you, join her team, you won't be disappointed."

- Elaine